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Isolation Transformer

Isolation Transformer NEW GOLD Isolation and Ultra Transformer, Control Transformer, Auto Transformer (Single Phase Isolation Transformer, Two Phase Isolation Transformer and Three Phase Isolation Transformer). This Isolation Transformer can also be developed into Setup & Step down. The voltage range is 10 V to 5000 volt, and frequency 25 Hz (General use 50 Hz and 60Hz.) Servo voltage stabilizer gives perfectly stable output supply even under server condition of unbalanced Voltage. It is a available to suit the input voltage variations of individual customers. Isolation Transformer CARE DESCRIPTION OF MACHINE AND INSTRUMENT :- Switching of electrical utilities in industrial and commercial environment generates spikes up to 6000 Volt & high frequency power line noise. The high frequency noises can interfere with Digitial-Electronic equipment causing data corruption, erratic behavior, loss of memory etc. The noise cut-off transformer eliminates such noises and attenuates the spikes to negligible values, providing complete protection against such electrical disturbances. Application : - Protect the CNC Machines, Computer and Telecommunications equipment from damage due to electrical noise, spikes etc. - Where ground potential of system units are different from each other and are exposed to the effects of instability at high frequencies. - Where ground of the equipment cannot be earthed. - When no slightest current leakage is permitted in the equipment. - Especially for computers an CNC controls where only less then 100 micro Amps is only permitted. - To protect against strong lighting, impulse noise, bus short-circuit, accidental discharge of capacitors etc. When no slightest current leakage is permitted in the equipment. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION :- - System Connections Voltage design as per customer require voltage 10 volt to 5000 volt in single phase and three phase Design for frequency 25 Hz to 5000 Hz (General use 47 Hz to 60 Hz) ? - Delta/Star, Star/Delata, Star/Star (and in Single phase Series and panel connection) - Ratios 1:1 and 2:1 (or as per customer requirement) - Regulation Better than 3.5% - Di-electric strength 2500VAC for 120Sec - Insulation Resistance More than1000 Mega Ohms. - Coupling Capacitance 0.1 PF for 100db - Leakage Current Less than 20 Micro Amps. - Common Model Attenuation 100db - Construction Standards As per IS 2026 part I and II



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