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Line chokes

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Description :

Line chokes produce an inductance as a requirement of calculated hennery in Single Phase & Three Phase drives or controls extra. Connected in the mains supply to the inverter. This will help to reduce harmonics that are caused when the mains is rectified to create a DC link. They will also reduce the peak currents drawn by the inverter or other device. They also help to project the input rectifier from some mains problems. Harmonics can cause premature failure of input rectifier and phase correction capacitors. Harmonic compensated and IGBT compatible. PRODUCT OVERVIEW: - Increase Drive System Reliability Filter Power Line Disturbances. Reduce Harmonics. Reduce Surge Currents. Reduce dv/dt. Extend transistor life. Reduce Motor Noise and Temperature. Reduce voltage doubling effects. Absorb Power Line Spies. APPLICATION USED OF LINE CHOKE:- 1. Protection of AC Drive 2. Protection of Servo Drive 3. Protection of AC Motors to reduce the starting currents. 4. Protection of DC Motor Armature reduces the high spark of committer. 5. Protection of thruster from peek current. 6. Protection of raising the maximum current for device.

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